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WBGO Take Five

"For saxophonist Roxy Coss, the unicorn isn’t just a mythical totem, or a piece of Silicon Valley jargon. This creature “asks us to explore the true meaning of our lives by giving us a glimpse at our destiny,” she writes in the notes to Chasing the Unicorn, her new release on Posi-Tone. Whatever you may think of that logic, hear her out musically, at least: the album’s title track is an intriguing composition featuring Coss on soprano as well as a multi-tracked chorus of other saxophones (and bass clarinet). The tune has a few strands of melody that entwine and converge, with guitarist Alex Wintz and pianist Glenn Zaleski playing a critical role. It’s one of six originals on the album, which also features reframed tunes by Joe Henderson, Wayne Shorter, Willie Nelson and the Beatles."

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